My Top 10 Most Noteworthy Posts of 2012

Are you sick of end-of-the-year lists yet?! Here are the posts from this year that got the most notes (likes and/or comments) on Tumblr. Funny how this list differs from the one with posts ranked by pageviews.

1.   HTML for Babies - 162 notes

2.   Tompkins Square Library Over 100 Years - 124 notes

3.   Anderson Cooper Holding Obese Cat - 90 notes

4.   Seven Things Extroverts Should Know About Introverts - 65 notes

5.   Uncomfortable Italian Pastry - 30 notes

6.   Constantly Maimstorming - 26 notes

7.   Sandy Volunteer Google Map and Seduction Sloth and Zuckerberg and Netscape - 23 notes (3-way tie)

8.   How to Have the Most Trying Summer of Your Young(ish) Life - 22 notes

9.   Tired French Bulldog - 21 notes

10. Cheryl Strayed on Playing Your Cards - 20 notes

You can also check out the lists from the last few years, if you so desire. Thanks, Best of Tumblr.

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